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Maria Kitsilidou (or MK for short) is a 90’s kid. Born in 1991, she resides in a small town in Northern Greece.

After graduation from Hight School, she studied Aesthetics and Cosmetology and at the same time attended at a Beauty Academy for Permanent Make-up.

Her love for art became evidence since she was a little girl. In 2003, she took part in a nationwide competition with her work being displayed at the Greek parliament. That event, triggered her interest for art and crafts and passion to create her own art.

Being a self-taught illustrator and painter, MK was hired under a probationary period by a tattoo studio, back in 2011. As her progress in sketches, illustrations and paintings was rapid through the first year, she instantly became a tattoo student, and afterwards began working as a professional tattoo artist and art illustrator in 2015.

When it comes to her style in sketches, she adores painting realistic flowers, portraits, or a combination of the previews two subjects, using water-color as her principal material, coloured pencils or soft pastels to refine her artworks.

Watercolour also defines her tattoo style. She always sketches first before transferring the final artwork on a client’s skin, thereby creating unique and custom pieces for each individual. These sketches are tattooed only once. Her sources of inspiration include fashion magazines, runway muses, and nature.

On this website, you’ll find some of her favorite paintings and sketches which have been tattooed to many people. Also she is open for national and international cooperation with businesses and corporations to share her artistic perspective and craftmanship.

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